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Driehaus Private Equity leverages its legacy of investing in entrepreneur-led and family-owned enterprises to support companies overcome growth challenges. Beyond providing an unconstrained and flexible source of capital, we offer businesses resources to drive growth.

Investment Circumstances

Growth Equity

Equity capital and expertise to accelerate a company's growth objectives

Founder Recapitalization

Equity capital for founders who seek liquidity and a value-add partner but wish to retain control of their business

Leveraged Buyout

Acquire a controlling position using a responsible level of debt

Leveraged Buildup Consolidation

Equity capital to successful executive teams seeking to acquire assets to make acquisitions

Investment Criteria


Between $1 and $30 million of equity capital


Partner with strong management teams and proven outside executives


Control and Non-Control

Company Criteria

Revenue greater than $10 million
EBITDA greater than $1.75 million

Industry Sectors

Driehaus Private Equity focuses on sectors that show momentum and future growth, such as healthcare, discrete manufacturing, and services and distribution.

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